Industrial structural engineering projects that deliver on function and cost

Helping our clients balance the immediate capital cost of the project

We work closely with several businesses to provide manufacturing and treatment facilities ranging from steel framed production buildings, bases for plant and machinery to water retaining structures for sewage treatment works. We take great care to understand how our clients expect their new facilities to function and the processes that may occur that have a bearing on the form of the building, choice of material and any special measures that may be required.

With the function and use of the structure in mind, we invest the time to help our clients balance the immediate capital cost of the project. We combine our own internal expertise with a range of outside specialists on a project to provide a lean foundation solution for the facility. Our investment in appropriate analysis and drafting packages allows us to examine several options for the structural form accurately and efficiently. By making use of the links between various packages with the Autodesk AEC Collection, we are able to provide preliminary quantities as the basis for take-off and help our client’s estimators make an informed decision regarding the final solution for the structure.

Working side by side with an array of providers

Our structural engineering designers work side by side with an array of providers of specialist equipment, e.g. the Material Recovery Facility at Cheney Manor in Swindon and aggregate washing facility for Smiths of Bletchingdon at their Ducklington Site. We liaise closely with the providers of such equipment to ensure that our proposals respect not only the loads applied by the equipment, but the unique challenge posed by the close tolerance required, often as little as ±2mm over 20m.

SWJ appreciate and respect the various pieces of environmental legislation that our industrial facility clients are required to work within and ensure that our solutions are prepared with those in mind. We combine our detailed knowledge of the design of concrete structures with the knowledge of a network of specialists to provide robust but economic solutions for slabs and storage tanks.

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