Many companies send detailing work to external companies, either in the UK or abroad. But, as a business SWJ Consulting undertakes all our detailing work in-house, completed by our own team.  

This is so as a consultancy we remain 100% in control of all aspects of the design and can be confident the detailing is completed in accordance with the code (EC2) and the IstructE detailing manual.  

In the past, we have been exposed to work from detailing houses but have never been particularly impressed with the quality of the work. By completing the work in-house, we do not have to rely on the competence of external companies. At SWJ Consulting we want to ensure projects run as smoothly as possible and remain in control of all aspects, because in the end ‘the bucks stop with us’. By completing the work in-house, if there are any issues or errors, which can happen, we can be quick to rectify these problems, saving time with a quick turnaround.  

Russell Wrapson, one of our directors takes the lead in reinforcement detailing. He was fortunate enough to be trained by and work with an expert who’d had over 40 years’ experience. Russell himself has been working with reinforcement detailing for over 20 years and has passed on his knowledge and training to Jordan Day who has worked with Russell for over 8 years. Training junior staff members and knowledge sharing is key to SWJ’s working ethos.  

The two other directors Rhys and Sam are able to assist with reinforcement detailing, should it be required, but Russell and Jordan take the lead.  

The Littlemore project – reinforcement detailing project 

SWJ are working with Hill Group on phase one of the project in Littlemore, OxfordLow rise housing and three five-storey blocks of flats. The houses are of traditional construction, built on vibro-improved ground. The flats are five-storey concrete framesone block of flats has a transfer slab at first floor with tradition load bearing masonry abovewith piled foundations. 

We have undertaken all the detailing for this project inhouse. Supplying the details of size, length and shape so the contractor could order reinforcements and providing the drawings that detail where to place them within the concrete – in the floors, walls or columns. The detailing was completed by SWJ’s two trained technicians, Russell and Jordan, to meet the client’s accelerated design programme and in a comparable time frame to the work being outsourced.  

As part of our commitment to investigation and innovation, SWJ have committed to delivering reinforcement details in a 3D environment on its projects by Summer 2020. Watch this space.  

If you are looking to work with a Structural Engineering Consultancy that keeps reinforcement in-house to ensure the best result for clients, then please give us a call today on 01993 225085 or email