SWJ Consulting can complete the calculations for businesses looking to install solar panels on their roofs to increase their green credentials and reduce their energy bills. An increasing number of businesses including car dealerships, that generally have larger premises and so the spans on their roofs are choosing solar power to offset the costs of their increasing energy bills. The price of having solar panels installed has been declining over the years and therefore the time to recoup the initial investment has also reduced. We work with solar installer specialists such as Geo Green Power, as well as directly for business and private residents to complete detailed back analysis on existing roof structures to determine how many solar panels they can have, or what ould be required to support the weight of an additional load.

Solar panels on Porche Inchcape – Portsmouth. Our team completed a detailed back analysis of the existing roof to determine if it had enough additional capacity to allow a brand-new photovoltaic array to be installed. A photovoltaic array is where multiple solar panels are wired together to create large PV installation as the larger the array, total surface, the more solar electricity it will produce. With our report the contractor was able to complete the work.

Mercedes in Kidlington, Oxford was another car dealership that we worked with looking to find out what additional load their existing roof could hold so that they could plan for the installation and savings for the addition of solar power. Once our work was completed, the report enabled them to move ahead with the installation of solar panels.

With the increase of popularity of electric cars, having solar panels installed on the rooves of car dealerships will not only provide additional (and cheaper) energy to power these types of cars but will also cement their commitment to sustainable energy and alternative fuels. For other commercial ventures and homeowners, the increase in electric cars means that being able to provide solar energy to charge these cars is not only cost efficient but environmentally beneficial.

There are many reasons for commercial companies to consider solar panels, and with a report form SWJ Consulting you will be able to see how large of an array you can install and therefore what you are likely to save, energy wise, in the long term. Solar power not only reduces energy costs but provides a level of energy independence, with batteries you can store excess power for later use or and even sell it back to the grid if needed.

If you are considering solar panels, whether for a motor dealership, industrial unit, office or home then please do give us a call and we can complete a full back analysis so you can be confident that what you are choosing is suitable for the strength of your existing roof. Give us a call on 01993 225 085 to speak to our Oxford-based team or call our Southampton focused team on 02381 920656 or email mail@swjconsulting.c.uk