If you are at university studying to be a civil or structural engineer, why not come and spend the summer working with us at SWJ Consulting, a Structural Engineering Consultancy based in Oxfordshire?

We are looking to offer a 2024 summer placement to an undergraduate who is looking to gain some experience.

Our past summer interns have found this opportunity to be highly successful, with one individual even receiving an offer of full-time employment after completing their studies. Matt Brown, who is currently pursuing a master’s degree in civil and structural engineering at Exeter University, joined us for a year in the industry and a summer placement and now works with us as a full-time structural engineer.

We try to offer a single 12–16-week summer placement based at our office in Witney in Oxfordshire. We are only 30 minutes from the center of the city of Oxford. You can take a holiday in the time you are with us if you have something pre-booked.

There are many reasons to come and work with us for the summer, not least the competitive salary we offer to our placement students.

Gain practical experience

We will get you assisting on real projects giving you the chance to use and develop your knowledge from university and apply it in the real world. We work with several digital construction technologies that you may have only had limited access to and we can support you in becoming more familiar with them.

Improve your CV

Having a summer placement will look good on your CV, for any job you apply. It shows you are proactive and driven and are committed to a career path.

Something to talk about in interviews

Having some work experience, especially if it’s relevant to the job you’re applying for really gives you something to talk about in any future interviews. Conversations about how you approached projects, overcoming challenges etc. are easier when you have the relevant lived experience to talk about.

Explore different disciplines

If you are not sure what area of engineering, you might like to explore then work on a range of different projects over the summer to help you decide. It might be that you are choosing between civil and structural engineering and a summer’s practical experience will help.

Learn new soft skills

Building a career is not just about your technical skills and ability, it is about learning to work with others, self-discipline, time management and other soft skills you develop by working in ‘the real world’.

Make contacts in the industry

This might be your first time in a professional environment, and it will give you the chance to meet other professionals in your, and similar, industries at all stages of their careers. If you establish relationships with your colleagues then you’ll have a network of people you can ask for advice or a reference from in the future

Prepare you for a graduate role

It is a big change going from university life into full-time employment and a career. A summer placement will help prepare you for a job as a professional. You will have already spent time in a professional workplace and within a team. You will have a better understanding of what’s expected of you, what you can expect.

We are always looking for bright undergraduates to join us for the summer or for a year in industry. To be considered for a position email sam.johnston@swjconsulting.co.uk with a CV and cover letter. “