Project Description

SWJ Collaborates with Eastleigh Football Club to Elevate Stadium Experience and Educational Facilities

At SWJ, we’re excited to share our ongoing partnership with Eastleigh Football Club, a venture that involves transforming the South Stand and introducing innovative classrooms tailored for aspiring football scholars.

Nestled within the iconic Silverlake Stadium, this project will rejuvenate the stadium’s matchday experience but also enriches the educational opportunities available to undergraduate students. By amalgamating academic pursuits with practical exposure, students can now pursue a BSc (Hons) degree while immersing themselves in the dynamic environment of a professional football club. As the popularity of this unique educational program soars, the need for additional classrooms becomes paramount. These classrooms facilitate hands-on learning experiences encompassing coaching, sports rehabilitation, analysis, strength and conditioning, and much more.

The South Stand, previously featuring temporary seating on a semi-permanent basis, has undergone a transformation. Through close collaboration with a specialised stadium seating contractor, we promoted a design that not only integrated new seating but also introduced an inviting concourse area and the much-needed classrooms whilst repurposed the existing stand roof and walls, steering clear of costly reconstruction.


Project Team

Client: Eastleigh Football Club

Contractor: Wellmore Limited

To lay the foundation for the new stadium seating, a power-floated raft slab floor was essential. Here at SWJ, we assumed the role of technical advisors to the football club, expertly bridging the gap between stand designers and the club’s contractors. Our primary objective was to ensure optimal value for the client while upholding the highest standards of construction.

Our collaboration with the contractor prompted us to revaluate certain design assumptions. By conducting a series of plate bearing tests and uncovering a reinforced geo-grid-supported platform through trial pit logging, we successfully challenged conventional design assumptions. This simple yet strategic investigation led to pivotal changes, allowing the contractor to refine slab thickness, reinforcement quantity, and engineering fill requisites. Beyond financial savings, our swift intervention ensured timely project completion, aligning seamlessly with the upcoming football season.

Phase one of this ambitious project sets the stage for a broader plan to enhance the club’s facilities and infrastructure. We’re thrilled to announce a proposal for a two-story building behind the north stand, currently under consideration by local planners. As our partnership with the club flourishes, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to once again work with the club to bring forward this exciting scheme.

At SWJ, we’re not just engineers; we’re collaborators, innovators, and partners in progress. Our journey with Eastleigh Football Club exemplifies our commitment to elevating spaces and opportunities, leaving an indelible mark on both the stadium and the educational landscape.

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