Project Description

Refitting an existing Porsche garage for Mini Swindon including hanging a Mini vertically on the exterior

Dick Lovett MINI Swindon was originally a Porsche garage that was relocated and so the building was repurposed into a showroom for MINI.

Internally we had to design the installation of new MOT and break-testing equipment which required alterations to the existing ground floor slab and add new car lifts between floors.

The exterior had to be completely over-clad to get the building on brand and an additional challenge of ours was the fixing of a fibreglass mini to the steel frame. All the fabrication drawings had been completed by hand, so we created our own 3D to model to analyse the building; considering the additional weight of the over cladding and designing bespoke fixing details because of the curved façade. The detailing of the framing to support the mini had to be carefully considered to ensure that the cladding could be made good and the building remain watertight.


Project Team

Client: Dick Lovett – Mini

Architect: NC Architects

Contractor: Square One Construction

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