Project Description

Stoke Mandeville Care Home, Aylesbury

This was an extra care scheme built specifically for those living with dementia and/or Alzheimer’s. The design was by James Wallis, from Hunters in London, and followed – what was called then – the Sterling Standards. These design standards were to help those living with dementia and included highly visual and highly stimulating environments. It also meant that the layout of the building allowed for the residents to easily find their way around, back to their rooms or starting points, rather than end up in a corner or dead-end.  It was a very interesting process to follow.

The ground was fairly poor, so we recommend that it was vibro-compacted to improve it for the foundations. The building was a load bearing masonry building; because of the design standards it was a complex shape – including complex geometry – and resembled something out of space invaders.


Project Team

Client: Castleoak

Architect: Hunters

Again, digital construction was the most important success factor with this project. The first thing we did was look for clash detection between the architects’ model and our structural model. This clash detection allowed us to check for any potential issues and ensure the information passed onto the truss manufacturer was correct.

Our digital construction techniques and processes enabled us to identify any potential problems and resolve them before we got to site.

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