Why approach us for an Alternative Tender Bid?

It is not only useful to have a second pair of eyes but an alternative approach to a problem. SWJ Consulting has five guarantees including investigation. We do not accept the status quo or assume that professionally completed plans are 100% correct or that nothing has been missed. We use the combination of practical onsite investigation, academic knowledge coupled with our extensive experience and the advanced technology we have at our disposal to investigate every project from scratch; whether this is for a brand new project or an alternative tender bid.  


By challenging existing designs and plans we are usually able to save clients significant amounts of money, time and disruption. One client that had plans for a commercial building development in a very tight restricted location had an existing plan that restricted access to the staff car park during the build. This coupled with the restricted site access through the surrounding residential area posed significant challenges to the smooth running of the project.  

We proposed a solution that enabled alternative access to the staff car park to be built before the main works commenced and an alternative solution to a large excavation that significantly reduced the number of vehicle movements needed. We estimate this alone saved the client £250,000.  

On another occasion by questioning the existing design and slightly tweaking room layouts we were able to stack columns throughout a proposed set of flats allowing 4 out of 8 slabs to be identical, with savings in the thinner slabs from the reuse of formwork and reduced foundation loads. 

When to seek Alternative Tender Bids? 

It’s never too late or too early to approach us about alternative tender bids. We are happy to help at whatever stage you are in the build but recommend for the sake of time and money bringing us in at an early stage.  

How SWJ approach Alternative Tender Bids 

Once we have received the design scheme from the architect or client, we employ the latest technology and our specialist knowledge to model the design, compare materials, look for more efficient solutions and then make our recommendations that will usually save time and money. In some instances, we may even completely re-design the scheme from scratch using virtual design technology and can then share these models with clients in an open platform view.  

If you are looking for an alternative tender bid or are concerned about a current design please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01993 225085 or email mail@swjconsulting.co.uk