Structural Engineer Cardiff

SWJ are a Structural Engineering Company that covers Cardiff and South Wales, including Newport and Swansea. specialising in basements, large and complex extensions, loft conversions & structural alterations.

A large percentage of the costs of an extension, or new build, is in the ground. This of course is especially true of basements and swimming pools. We specialise in large and luxury residential projects for private clients to ensure their visions, and their architect’s visions are realised.

If you are planning a new build, basement or large/complex extension in any of South Wales’ beautiful cities or towns from Chepstow to Pembrokeshire  – it is never too early to contact SWJ Consulting. Rhys Skym our MD is Welsh and a Welsh speaker, so please feel free to call him to chat about your project.

By contacting SWJ in the early stages we can complete a feasibility study before you spend money on an architect or planning. Structural Engineers, like SWJ Consulting,  play a vital role in ensuring you can have the extension, annexe, basement or swimming pool you desire and that the plans are correctly implemented.

About SWJ Consulting

We are based in Oxfordshire but cover Cardiff and South Wales, and the south of England.

Contact us and tell us about your project. We will work with you, and your architect, to ensure the design you want is achievable. The worst outcome for a client is to fall in love with a design from your architect and then find out you need to compromise on the design because of structural concerns.

How we work

  1. We complete a site visit to identify any potential issues and check over any existing plans
  2. We will then produce initial design ideas for any feedback or questions from you and your architect
  3. Once the design is finalised we will complete detailed drawings for your contractors, architect and warranty provider


Call us today to discuss your project on 01993 225085

Project examples for Cardiff clients

This project was a private residential one-off building built on a flood plain.  We worked with the client’s architects on a design that allowed water to run under the house without affecting the structure but didn’t require the expense of putting the house on stilts. Read more.

Experienced with historic homes

Work on this historic cottage involved finding a compromise between the client and the architect’s visions to maximise the light and views with glass and a gabled roof. Having undertaken a thorough assessment of the building were able to deliver a solution beyond expectations.

Complex extensions for large homes

This refurbishment, extension and swimming pool project involved a complex cantilevered second-floor kitchen, as well as a swimming pool in the garden. The cantilever created uplift on the back span of the existing house which we resolved for the client.