SWJ Consulting have particular experience with the challenges of motor dealerships; getting around the constraints of a site whilst respecting the requirements of the brand and the architect’s vision

Our Video Series

This video gives an insight into the challenges of designing for motor dealership.  SWJ Consulting has extensive experience for luxury and well-known brands – and have been part of an award-winning team. Russell Wrapson, a director at SWJ,  introduces this sector and the considerations required for a successful design.

Award-Winning Team For Motor Dealership Design

The directors of SWJ Consulting were on the award-winning team for Aston Martin Vantage Point showroom in Bristol and were also highly commended for their work on Jaguar Land Rover in Melksham. They have also worked with Mini Swindon, a project that included hanging a Mini from the external cladding.

Costs and Options

Because we use the latest virtual design construction design tools, we are often able to model several different options for framed buildings. Being able to model these options enables our clients and their surveyors to investigate the costs of each solution, allowing them to choose the most suitable.

If we can provide three or four options for clients our technology enables us to quickly generate schedules for take-off and material quantities, which can save large amounts of time when considering viable options before engaging an estimator.

Special Considerations

Apart from the aesthetics of the architect’s design and the needs of the brand motor dealerships also pose the problems of mixed-use. The glamourous element of the showroom has to be countered with the practical considerations of a service centre and workshop. This includes consideration to the floor slabs, paint specifications to protect the steelwork and additional complications such as car lifts, hoists and part-racking. Any wash bays need to be designed to protect the concrete slabs from the aggressive alloy detergents used.

It is this consideration for functionality combined with the importance of the final look of the project that makes motor dealerships such a challenging but interesting area in which we excel.


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