The team at SWJ Consulting are all experienced with high-rise mixed-use buildings for residential and commercial use

Our Video Series

Russell Wrapson, one of the directors at SWJ Consulting introduces their approach to the design of concrete frames, commonly used for high-rise mixed-use buildings.

Our continuing success in this sector comes from our skills in developing alternative tender bids through leading edge technology

Because we use the latest virtual design construction tools we can look at and model all the options for frame buildings, including slab depths and we can devise how to eliminate transfer slabs by optimising the position and length of a shear wall and we can quickly generate pile loads.

All these options and calculations enable us to virtually test all designs and submit alternatives.

If we can provide three or four options for clients our technology enables us to quickly generate schedules for take-off and material quantities. These calculations are not meant as a substitute for an experienced estimator but can save large amounts of time when investigating and considering viable options.

By providing alternative tender options SWJ Consulting can provide demonstrations of due process for management teams of stakeholders in projects.

Our Technology and Software

We use Sofistik Finite element (Sofistik FEA) and Tekla Structural Designer for analysis and design and Revit to communicate our designs.

Anything we produce can be viewed through Navis Works Freedom or AutoDesk online viewer so any of our 3D modelling can be viewed for free.

Proven Track Record

Based on our knowledge and track record, our investigations provide an economic and well considered foundation solution for high-rise mixed-use building projects.

For example, our experience of the Oxfordshire substrate has enabled us to successfully challenge site investigations where we believed findings conflicted with our local knowledge. It is this efficient, practical approach that determines the correct foundation solutions, and combined with our use of virtual design technology large projects are delivered with significant savings on time and money.


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