Structural Engineer Bristol

SWJ are a Structural Engineering Consultants that cover Bristol and the surrounding area. We’ve worked with private clients from Thornbury to Clevedon and specialise in new builds, and large and complex extensions including loft conversions & basements.

If you have a property in Bristol or the surrounding area and are planning a completely new build, or a complex extension such as a basement  – it is never too early to contact SWJ Consulting and talk about any new plans or large structural alterations to your home.

Increasingly UK property owners in cities such as Bristol are investigating basement extensions as a way to increase living space. We have the experience and the expertise to let you know, very early in the process,  if your home is suitable for a basement.

Many people don’t realise that a large percentage of the costs of an extension, or new build, is in the ground – in the foundations. This of course is especially true of basements and swimming pools. We specialise in large and luxury residential projects for private clients to ensure their visions, and their architect’s visions can be realised.

By talking to us early on in the process, we can complete a feasibility study before you spend money on any designs or planning applications. Structural Engineers, like ourselves,  are vital when it comes to understanding whether you can have the extension, annexe, basement or swimming pool you desire and we can ensure the plans are then correctly implemented.

About SWJ Consulting

We are based in Witney, Oxfordshire – so are conveniently placed down the M40 to serve our London clients.

Contact us and talk to us about your new project. We will work with you, and your architect, to ensure the design you want is achievable. The worst outcome for a client is to fall in love with a design from your architect and then find out you need to compromise on the design because of structural concerns.

How we work

  1. We complete a site visit to identify any potential issues and check over any existing plans
  2. We will then produce initial design ideas for any feedback or questions from you and your architect
  3. Once the design is finalised we will complete detailed drawings for your contractors, architect and warranty provider


Call us today to discuss your project on 01993 225085

Large residential project in Bristol

We were asked to design an extension with 62 additional self-contained apartments for this extra-care facility in Bishopsworth. The extension included a semi-basement and is an example of how we work in cooperation with other contractors, to anticipate and avoid any issues on site.

Basements for Homes in Bristol

This basement was designed originally to hold a turn-table for cars. Having been brought onto the project for a second opinion, we were able to alter the plans to provide a better solution that reduced the budget and delivered a large enough basement for the client’s vehicles, without a turntable.

Structural engineering projects Bristol

The stunning Aston Martin showroom is an award-winning project we completed in Bristol. This was a specialist high-end project that had to radiate luxury to match the standards of the Aston Martin clientele. It is a testament to our abilities as a team to design and deliver where there is zero margin for error.