SWJ Consulting’s Technical Capabilities 

SWJ Consulting is a relatively new and small structural engineering firm, based in Witney, Oxfordshire and we understand that unless you have been referred to us, or someone you trust has made a recommendation, these two factors may count against us.  

The three directors of the business, Rhys Skym, Russell Wrapson and Sam Johnston all previously worked for Gemma Design until they formed SWJ Consulting in May 2017. Rhys, Russell and Sam had worked together for such a long time the new business, SWJ Consulting was launched as an established, cohesive team. This was only improved with the recruitment of a technician from Gemma Design after he was made redundant. Jordan Day had worked at Gemma Design, and the SWJ’s Directors for 6 years previous to joining SWJ. Since then the team has grown, with the addition of technicians and support staff that share the director’s passions and ethos. Mainly the effective use of technology: investing time and money into technology and training to provide clients with a better project, that is devoid of human error.  

SWJ’s team has been built from the bottom up. With our three experienced directors at the helm, they have been able to recruit and train staff to grow and develop their potential, ensuring they work by the rule ‘that’ll do will ever do’ and nothing is ever over-promised. Honesty and transparency are core to how SWJ works, no one is selling a dream. Rhys Skym, the Managing Director, is a Chartered Member of IStructE and also a professional reviewer for IStructE. His commitment to excellence and training resonates throughout the company.  The entire team know their work is about finding the best solution for the client with a practical approach combined with digital construction technology. 

The company is Construction Line Registered, originally created as a government department, this government-run scheme, which collects, assesses, and monitors company information. Construction Line looks at a range of aspects of the business from financials, to operational processes, to compliance in regard to the work we undertake. Construction Line accreditation is an immediate sign that our company and practices align with government and industry standards, perhaps making us a more viable choice when tendering.  

We are also ISO9001 accredited, meaning we have met the requirements of a Quality Management System (QMS) and meet a set of requirements to continually improve our processes and function. 

Large scale projects 

Although we are a relatively new company, SWJ are well placed to deal with any size of project and we work with smaller residential clients to large commercial and industrial projects. We have extensive experience when it comes to large steel and concrete frame projects evidenced in our growing portfolio. SWJ link its drawing/modeling software to its analysis software, Tekla Structure Designer and fore reduces the opportunity for errors, increasing the speed of deliverables and the productivity of the company. Clients do not need any additional or specialist software to view these 3D or manipulate them to see all views. The drawings are completed in Revit and then uploaded onto Autodesk’s online viewer.  

Economical solutions 

Being able to interrogate 3D models and having the analysis software linked to our drawings we are able to push the boundaries of our designs and look to provide bespoke and innovative solutions for clients, rather than off-the-shelf solutions that may not be as economical or carefully considered. SWJ are often asked to submit alternative tender bids because we are usually able to save our clients money by challenging the existing assumptions and putting forward leaner solutions.  An additional benefit of undertaking such reviews is that we have been exposed over the years to lots of different information and solutions devised by different engineers. This invaluable opportunity allows us to learn how other people are working, learn from different solutions and approaches or easily identify when a solution is not the most economical.   

We are committed to finding the best and most economical solution for every project, not making an existing solution fit. Seeing the 3D models gives them the chance to understand why our designs are the best and most economical solutions. It also enables us to share and explain the different options that lead to the final recommendation. Our clients often comment that our technical capabilities are above and beyond what they expected and are impressed with the investments we’ve made.

If you would like to discuss your project with SWJ Consulting please give us a call on 01993 225 085 or email mail@swjconsulting.co.uk