The structural engineering challenges of listed buildings is one of SWJ Consulting’s specialities

Listed buildings are inherently interesting and challenging

Listed buildings are inherently interesting and challenging projects that require a real appreciation of traditional structural techniques. SWJ Consulting has worked on multi-million-pound developments that include refurbishment of existing 17th century barns and designing sympathetic surrounding buildings to the restoration of old mills and barns for private clients.

Over the last 20 years the team has learnt various techniques from traditional carpentry methods to cob building, to understand their limitations and enable them to consider the most appropriate repairs.

All repairs have to be well considered and sympathetic to the original structure; not just the repair itself but the extent that it will affect the original building; a Victorian cast iron frame will behave completely differently to a modern steel structure. It is important that these alterations are considered within the scheme of the project.


Surveys, Technology and Collaboration

Surveys, technology and collaboration are vital when it comes to listed building works. We make use of point cloud surveys for exact 3D scans of buildings as all too often we have found old surveys completed by hand are inaccurate and miss out on crucial information within these complex structures.

Using Leading Technology

Our ability to work with leading technology to test solutions combined with our knowledge of traditional building techniques is what has driven our success in developing long-standing relationships with clients that work exclusively on these types of challenging projects.

We understand the need for truly collaborative working so all contractors on site understand the designs. By sharing and contributing to a central model an effective and direct method of communication is opened up between SWJ Consulting and the site operatives. In some cases, where SWJ Consulting’s clients are really pushing the boundaries, the sub-contractors are required to have tablets on-site giving them access to the most up to date information and allowing them to feedback to the design team in a truly collaborative approach.


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