The Snooty Mehmaan, Faringdon (formerly the Snooty Fox), is well known as a refined contemporary Indian restaurant, offering superb accommodation alongside their creative menu.

SWJ have been on site recently, assessing and making plans for a significant extension to the rear of the existing building, adding a conference facility and function room for up to 80 people.

The existing building will be left completely untouched, except that the single storey toilet block will have to make way for the newbuild and there will be a small amount of knocking through to complete the project.

In line with the client’s request, we specified the use of high performing zero-carbon technology on this project. ICF or insulating concrete form was agreed following a site assessment. As seen on Kevin McCloud’s Grand Designs many-a-time these polystyrene-filled concrete forms will form the basis of the new extension.

‘ICF is a system of formwork for reinforced concrete, usually made with rigid thermal insulation that stays in place as a permanent interior and exterior substrate for walls, floors and roofs.’ Wikipedia

The benefits of using ICF reach further than its minimal environmental impact;

Improved air quality

Indoor humidity levels can be better regulated due not requiring a standard plastic vapour barrier or a foam insulation filler.

Thermal properties

Because ICF can be used in any plane, the insulation properties are continual throughout the building and with a thermal resistance of typically above 3 K.m2/W, and with minimal air leakage this technology saves more energy than uninsulated masonry.

Greater acoustic performance

When compared with the standard fibreglass and drywall solution, ICF results in around double the sound absorption properties.

However, because of the nature of ICF, despite it being up to ten times stronger than a wooden frame you can only achieve limited spans with it, so our engineers specified a steel frame in the Snooty Mehmaan’s design. We now can take advantage of all the strength and span benefits of steel along with the thermal performance of the overall envelope and the zero-carbon benefits of the ICF.

We are hoping to complete the project for Summer 2019 and hand over the extension to the Snooty Mehmaan for their summer parties.

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