Project Description

Extension and alterations to a historic Cotswold stone cottage

This project is an extension and alterations to a historic (but not listed) Cotswold stone cottage that the clients and architects, Ashleigh Clarke Architects, wanted to maximise the light and views by using glass and a gabled roof.  

The single-storey extension had a vaulted roof open to the ridge and we had to go through the design carefully with the architects as originally it was designed with steel frames, but this is not what the client wanted. They didn’t want to use steel because of the expense so we sat down with the architects to work out and agree on the minimum length of masonry that would work with the glass. The extension was south facing so we were looking to make sure the building would be stable while maximising the amount of light.  

The alterations to the original cottage were challenging as they necessitated working within the confines of a historic building. The client was keen to understand what could and couldn’t be removed to create a more open feel to the house including the removal of a timber frame separating the dining room and living room and removal of the original external wall between the kitchen and dining room. 


Project Team

Client: Private Client

Architect: Ashleigh Clarke Architects

By undertaking a thorough investigation of the existing structure to understand the load paths through the building and fully assess the impact that making these alterations would have on the stability of the building, we are able to assist the client in realising the vision for a more open plan living space without compromising the character of their home. We pride ourselves on being pragmatic and fully investigating what is possible for each project, rather than reverting to assumptions that can ultimately lead to client disappointment.  

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