Project Description

Unlocking the Future of Housing: SWJ’s Role in Welborne Garden Village

After collaborating with Pye Homes on developments surrounding the iconic Blenheim Palace estate, SWJ Consulting has embarked on a new partnership with Pye Homes, this time for the inaugural phase of the Welborne Garden Village. Nestled between the South Downs National Park and the Hampshire coast, this visionary project represents a harmonious blend of community living, sustainable design, and responsible development.

Nearly two decades ago, well before SWJ was a glint in any of our eyes, the concept of a distinct community North of Fareham emerged as a response to the escalating need for housing and employment opportunities. The Council envisioned a community that was both independent and connected to Fareham, encompassing up to 6000 dwellings, essential amenities, educational institutions, green spaces, and supporting infrastructure. This 20-year venture promised to reshape the local landscape.

In the initial phase, SWJ Consulting along with the site’s engineering partners, are undertaking a meticulous exploration of each residential plot to chart the ground conditions for foundations. As is a common occurrence along the south coast, the conditions have been proven to be chalk. This region’s chalk soils can bear karstic features—a landscape shaped by the dissolution of bedrock, primarily associated with soluble rock types like chalk.


Project Team

Client: Pye Homes

Architect: Eric Cole Ltd

Landscape Architect: Deacon Design

Civil Engineers: Abley Letchford Partnership Ltd

At SWJ Consulting, we refrained from adopting a worst-case scenario approach, avoiding assumptions of pervasive karstic features across the site. Instead, we ensure thorough testing coverage, preventing the application of a solution based on isolated test results to the entire project. This approach safeguards against unnecessary concerns and satisfies the requirements of warranty providers. Our expertise then guides us to recommend the most suitable foundation solution, which might involve piled rafting, soil grouting, cruciform foundations, or piling.

Our reputation for finding efficient solutions, rooted in challenging assumptions and scrutinising ground conditions, has solidified our standing as a trusted partner for esteemed housing developers. Our contributions extend from the project’s earliest stages, adding tangible value to their endeavours.

We’re particularly delighted to work on the initial phase of Welborne Garden Village alongside our partners, Pye Homes, and the master developer Buckland.

This collaboration reinforces our commitment to shaping communities that stand as testaments to innovative design and sustainable living.

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