Matthew has been a part of the team at SWJ for 12 months as part of his ‘Year in Industry’ placement between the second and third years of his MEng Civil Engineering at the University of Exeter.

We asked Matthew to tell us in his own words what it has been like being part of the team at SWJ:

“Working at SWJ Consulting has been an eye-opening experience of the construction industry. Over the past year, I’ve worked on a great variety of projects from small domestic extensions to large residential developments, all the way up to steel framed industrial buildings. SWJ has taught me about different construction methods and industry practices that I would have never learnt at university before graduating.

Having the opportunity to develop my skills in AutoCAD and Revit has prepared me for my career following university. Also, I’ve been able to move on to doing calculations for various projects, which has built on the knowledge that I gained at university, and it has been great to apply it practically and deepen my understanding.

My colleagues at SWJ have always been on hand to help me and involve me in new projects. I have learnt a great deal about building codes, design, and calculations from Rhys, Sam, and Gary and I have developed new useful skills in technical drawings and BIM from Russell and Jordan.

After my time at SWJ, I am keener than ever to continue in the structural/civil engineering industry and to complete my studies at university.”

From the team at SWJ we want to wish you the best of luck with the rest of your studies.