Our Red Gable project, is an exceptional and striking five-bedroom detached dwelling meticulously crafted by Mattwell Homes. With a keen focus on sound reduction and eliminating the prospect of ‘squeaky’ floors, the client’s vision encompassed the use of concrete floors throughout the structure.

Challenges, however, were obvious. Restricted access and limited crane capacity ruled out the installation of sizable pre-cast concrete floors. Adapting to the circumstances, we embraced a dual strategy. For the first floor, a beam and block construction emerged as the solution, effortlessly lifted into place by smaller mechanised lifting equipment. The second floor saw the adoption of engineered Caberfloor eco-joists—a weight-conscious alternative that addresses movement and the dreaded ‘squeak’. These timber joists, engineered and bonded, ensure stability while avoiding disruptive noises. Notably, the moisture-resistant nature of Caberfloor panels allowed them to remain exposed temporarily during the structural assembly phase.

At SWJ, our philosophy hinges on deploying the right solution in the right context. This principle was exemplified as we addressed a spectrum of considerations—health and safety, service distribution routes, durability, access logistics, and delivery logistics. This project uniquely saw a judicious combination of various floor constructions, thoughtfully tailored to each level’s distinct requirements.
In the realm of foundations, an assessment led us to recommend piling due to unsuitable bearing capacity at shallow levels. Our approach extended to collaborating with piling contractors, equipping them with precise pile loads and designing and scheduling ground beams—a testament to our comprehensive involvement.

When a minor deviation occurred during pile installation, our team swiftly offered solutions. Additionally, we lent our insight to the developer, reviewing a temporary working platform to ensure its compatibility with the existing soil’s load-bearing capacity.

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