Contacting a structural engineer needs to be one of your first steps when considering a basement, whether as a new build, extension or conversion

New build basements have always been in demand for high-end developments, however basement extensions and conversions are becoming increasingly popular. They are an excellent way to increase space and add value to a property

They are inherently a difficult proposition and require a structural engineer to complete the necessary investigations to ensure your plan is feasible before you spend your budget on design. Even if you already have architectural drawings there will be certain questions that will need to be answered by a structural engineer before the design process can be completed and building work can begin.


Several Steps Are Required

There are several steps that are involved to ensure that the ground beneath your building and the building’s foundations are strong enough for a basement extension dependent on whether you have a basement already or looking to create a new one, these include;

  • A Topographical Survey – whether a traditional excavation is possible and how the basement will fit onto your property.
  • Site investigations – these are used to assess ground conditions and establish your property’s geological sequence, the presence of groundwater and the strength of the soil.

Existing Structural Survey

We will also need to establish whether your building is able to have a basement extension. This is usually determined with a structural survey of the property establishing:

  • Whether there is evidence of heave or subsidence
  • If the foundations are competent enough to undergo the work required to extend downwards

Key Design Considerations

There are several regulations and standards that need to be met to ensure the completed works will be fit for everyday use such as;

  • Appointment of a CESSW registered specialist to advise on waterproofing
  • Drainage and Waste disposal
  • Ventilation points; if the basement is to be used for car parking this is key


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