Overcoming the problems facing Smaller Housing Developers.

SWJ Consulting is a team of forward-thinking structural engineers and technicians with considerable expertise in the design of building and civil engineering structures.


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SWJ Consulting work with several local smaller housing developers and are proven to add value to projects from the scheme research stage. We won’t generally take no for an answer and our investigations and expertise usually results in a successful solution for the clients from proving sites viable despite the ground or surrounding trees to designing cost-effective basements and swimming pools.

Avoiding flopped sites. Challenging foundations and Ground Conditions

As suitable sites for development become increasingly rare, especially in urban areas SWJ has a proven reputation in finding viable foundation solutions where others may have failed.

Our pragmatic approach to investigation means that we challenge assumptions and will look at each site in detail to find an efficient solution for clients.

  • Trees

    Trees are also a common reason that sites are ‘flopped’ because the proposed foundation solutions prove too expensive to continue. We take the time to identify the soil conditions and determine the allowances that need to be made, whether the trees are being removed or are remaining in place. With this knowledge and understanding of the effects on the ground and foundations of the trees, both their presence or removal enables us to provide solutions for clients.

  • Basements

    Basements are proving increasingly popular as land is a premium. Much more common in the United States and Australia, UK homes are increasingly looking to basements to add value to properties.

    The importance of understanding the ground conditions and water tables can not be overestimated where basements are concerned. We have saved several projects where the engineers hadn’t taken the time to understand how ground conditions would change over time or understood the specialist requirements for water-proofing.

    SWJ Consulting are experienced in complex extensions such as basements ensuring the correct investigations are completed early enough in the planning process to ensure long term success and working closely with client’s and architects to manage expectations and deliver a design that everyone is happy with.

  • Swimming Pools

    As with basements, swimming pools are becoming increasingly popular but require experience to complete. We are designing a structure that can’t sink when full or float when empty. Again, understanding ground conditions and working with designers from the start of the project is imperative to avoid any problems later in the project.


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